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Why is A RentTrack Inquiry On My Credit Report?

If you’ve checked your credit recently, you may be wondering Why is A RentTrack Inquiry On My Credit Report?

Unfortunately, people all over were hit with a hard inquiry from a company referred to as Rentrack Inc.

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Who is RentTrack?

RentTrack Inc is a company that reports rent payments on your credit report. Typically, you would need a subscription to have your rent payments reported or your landlord or leasing agency would be reporting the monthly rent payments for you using their service.

They report payments either positively or negatively just like any other tradeline you may have.

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Why is a RentTrack Inquiry on My Credit Report?

If you are renting, chances are, your rent payments are being reported on your credit report for you.

However, in June 2022, there was a massive error in reporting that caused millions of people to have a hard inquiry placed on their credit reports. Even people who do not rent or use their service.

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How Do I Contact RentTrack?

According to their website, RentTrack Inc. can be reached by calling customer service at 866-841-9090.

You should know, that they are experiencing high call volumes and currently has an automated message on the phone that says:

“Thank you for calling RentTrack. Please note, RentTrack has been notified that individuals are seeing a new inquiry on their credit report from RentTrack. Our team is currently working with TransUnion to resolve this issue and remove the hard credit pull as if it didn’t happen. We will reach out via email once more information is available.”

How did RentTrack get my personal information?

Unless you specifically signed up for their service or have a landlord that reports,

How Can I remove The Credit Inquiry off My Credit Report?

If you did authorize the credit inquiry, the inquiry will remain on your credit report for 2 years and then will fall off on it’s own.

However, if you did not authorize this credit inquiry, you can dispute the inquiry by contacting TransUnion via phone at 888-909-8872. You can also place a freeze on your credit report to ensure nobody has stolen your identity.

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Self (the sister site to RentTrack) sent an email to individuals that the inquiry would be removed. In the email, they stated:

We’re following up to let you know TransUnion confirmed that they removed the RentTrack hard credit pull from your credit report. This will be reflected in your TransUnion credit report right away, but it may take longer for third-party credit monitoring and credit scoring sites to update your info.

Due to this inconvenience, TransUnion has provided you with 12 months of free access to myTrueIdentity to review your TransUnion credit report.

To access your report, go to and ‘Enter Activation Code’:

This code is valid until July 10, 2022. See here for more information.

Thanks again for your patience as we’ve worked with TransUnion to resolve this issue.

-The Self Team

Search your email for the subject line “TransUnion hard credit pull removed” to see if you get an activation code yourself.